Friday, May 17, 2013

A concrete watch

After having conquered our buildings, invaded our interiors, concrete becomes a fashion accessory and for the first time a watch. Logical development of the urban collections of Dzmitry Samal usually described as “retro futuristic”.
Both corporate symbols are illustrated: finger print and logo. The bracelet is stamped with the design of the glasses CITY, a map of a metropolis and its street network.
A paradoxical watch: light when expected heavy, unique (limited edition- numbered) in a material that lasts but is affected by a time that bruises, softens and darkens its edges.
Available in 5 colors
Swiss made, quartz chronograph
Diameter: 52 cm

Picture credit ©gwel(

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Monday, May 28, 2012

Structural bag design for dogs

Aggressive and futuristic design, inspired by technical constructions and architecture for dog users.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Advertising campagne for Dzmitry Samal's eyewear collection with Monika Ekiert and Nicolas Van Beveren

Paris based designer Dzmitry Samal( has created new collection, calls "Intersection" for his own eponymous brand of eyewear.
The design is based on the principle of intersection of  two-dimensional shapes, such as circle, triangle, square and  hexagon... 
Dzmitry starts his career as a car designer for Italian and French car manufacturers such as "Stile Bertone" and "Renault". Soon develops a liking for product design and fashion, which he quickly puts into practice.
The collection completely reflects the personality of the artist. It combines both a futuristic and a retro vision of design, mixing vintage aesthetic with advanced production elements. Dzmitry has a unique design approach and believes that the future of design lies in our past and our heritage. The collection is made of acetate and entirely manufactured in France using up-to-date technologies and handmade know-how.

Pieces are currently available to order from oficial website ( and from stockists worldwide with prices starts from 298 Euros. Collection also will be displayed in Paris at SILMO (Octobre 2012).

Photographe : Cécile Giordano
Aurelien Godet
Monika Ekiert
Nicolas Van Beveren
Elena Vlasova
Styliste: Virginie Ayissi
Makeup Artist - Hair Stylist: Mike of "L'Appart de Zach" Zacharie Amougou
Retro-futuristic glasses by Dzmitry Samal