Thursday, February 25, 2010

"DIOR, burned wood chic"

"DIOR, burned wood chic", The concept bottle of men's fragrance for Dior, realized with using of semi-burned wood, covered with resin to protect and to boost structure.
The combination between the texture of burned wood, shinny metal and transparency of the glass create very rich and unexpectable mix, which underline the value and positioning of the brand.
the back side of the bottle is transparent which helps to check the rest quantity of a perfume,
The capacity is 100ml

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

" Parallel world collection"

"Parallel world collection"
The collection consists of 8 elements, 2 library, 4 shelves and two lamps. Storing system realized in MDF, lamps in semi-transparent plastic with anchors wall attaching system.
The collection has certain philosophical meaning, as it reminds us about possible existing of parallel worlds, so the presented pieces are partly hided in nowhere, or "holded by another world"...